Welcome to an Aspiring Author Website

Hello everyone,

So, because I am trying to get my novel published, and because I am hopelessly behind on the times, I figured it was high time I started a blog, or at least an online portfolio. Somewhere I can compile my work for ideal convenience and accessibility. This way I don’t feel that all that time and effort writing those miscellaneous articles and anecdotes for miscellaneous jobs and websites goes to waste. This way, all of Antal Polony’s works can be found in one handy website, and, in most cases, I’ve decided to make them pages, as well as posts, so it’s even easier. And besides, drop down menus automatically make every site look cooler. I’ll call it an “Aspiring Author Website,” because at this point “Author Website” would still be unfortunately presumptuous.

If you are interested in reading some or all of my novel, you can start with some, and locate it in the column that says “Inheritance, a Novel.” Contact me if you want to read more. Under “Outside Posts,” you’ll find the pieces I wrote for other websites, and you can also find below an excerpt from a personal essay I wrote a while back entitled “The Art of Cigar Smoking.” The complete text of another essay I wrote about Occupy Oakland (about two and a half weeks old now at this point, and thusly horribly out of date) is immediately below. I will add more posts/pages as I write them. Right now I’m working on a short story, and I believe I’m gonna write short posts about books I’m reading just to fill the pages. Probably they’ll go on my Facebook page too. It’s high time I decided not to bashful about my chosen profession. And besides, everyone else is doing it.

So, if anyone out there is reading this, thanks for reading. If not, than at least it’s practice.

Happy writing, and wish me luck.




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