She Wasn’t There Before

Not to say that she is here now,

But as a keeper of cosmic coincidence

Her lovely hand is felt

Of course, I can take some of the blame.

I deserved to save the world;

this is what she taught me

Between heaven and hell

which would paralyze you first?

Because there’s no such thing as either,

and there’s no such thing as forever, because soon, right or wrong, you’d just get used to it.

So thank God

Thank me

Thank the tiger virgo king.

That is probably the best you can do

Yet she surely has friends and acquaintances,

alone together with infiniti,

co-workers and rivals

I hope to see her in my dreams.

She must be unspeakably beautiful.

Hopefully in writing this I make her smile.

She is the ultimate kind-hearted prankster, and human nature, along with

my phantom, lunatic mother,

her ultimate victims —

If only father too

could see me now, victorious,

toe to toe with an unobtainable


How else but in poetry could I attempt her?

I don’t know ANYTHING about poetry

I suppose the universe needs its heroes after all,

and, thankfully, I fit the bill

What more can you say but thank you?

What more can you do but mean it?

In the end, I don’t even think

there was a message; so, thanks again,

for, at the least, an eternally comforting denouement: Peace

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