Occupy Oakland Rises Up

On January 28th, the Move-In Committee of Occupy Oakland executed a plan to take and hold a large, vacant, indoor space, and put it to use working for the movement and the community. This following a period of relative dormancy and dwindling numbers, rising tensions with the police, and accusations that this action was being coordinated undemocratically, and had no hope of succeeding. I was on the Media sub-committee, and I worked on outreach and messaging. I attended the rally at Oscar Grant Plaza, and the subsequent march to the space. During the course of this day, and into the early morning of the next, over 400 people were arrested, the lobby of City Hall was vandalized, and Occupy Oakland, for all its faults and controversies, was thrust back into the spotlight, and effectively re-galvanized. Here’s a personal essay I wrote, in three parts, about my experiences:

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