Outside Posts

While on my never-ending pursuit of a career in writing, I will probably (hopefully) have occasion to develop pieces for outside companies and websites, and some of them I’ll consider valuable enough to post and save and share with others. Here I’ll compile my favorites posts produced for outside sources, and, if you haven’t already read them there, you can read them here, and tell me what you think.

  • SevenPonds: Writings on Death — Since April of 2011 I’ve been writing informative content and creative blog posts for a startup company called SevenPonds, an end-of-life informational resource which means to expand the dialogue on death & dying and break the last taboo. Consequently, these posts have to do with death and dying issues, which in fact encompasses quite a large portion of current events, the arts, and the human experience.
  • MyCrazyMusicBlog: Live Concert & Album Reviews — From August of 2008 to the summer of 2009, I wrote live concert and album reviews for a local music blog called MyCrazyMusicBlog (no, it wasn’t my crazy music blog). I’ve included my favorite pieces that I produced in that time period.

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