Occupy Oakland Updates and Essays

Since a few weeks after it got going, I have been a passionate supporter and part-time participant of the Occupy Movement throughout the country and here in Oakland. My experiences with Occupy affected me deeply, and I wrote about it a fair amount. I am very proud of most of my writings on the subject, which, for lack of a better term and for spatial considerations, I’ll categorize under ‘Occupy.’ These posts are mostly narrative and observational — basically I wanted to keep a record of my own feelings and experiences and observations as I engaged in the movement. I also wrote a couple more lengthy personal essays on the subject, which I included but you can also find on my ‘Essays’ page.

I am not sure what my relation to the movement will be going forward. As of right now I feel a bit estranged from its iteration here in Oakland, but I do not see myself pulling away from the struggle completely. When I find my niche, I’ll surely find some way to work with it and write about it. I will organize the posts below chronologically, with eldest first:

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